How to extract the coordinates of an object or specific shape or cell from the layout in python

hi, I am new to Klayout appreciate it if i can get any help.
I need to get the coordinates of the objects (lower left and upper right) in diffrent layouts. I tried the following code

layout=pya.Layout()"select, path_trans * cell.bbox, path_trans.disp.x, path_trans.disp.y from instances of ...*")
for q in a.each(layout):

error - 'module' object has no attribute 'LayoutQuery' (Class exceptions.AttributeError)

trying this gave attribute error



  • Hi, Bharat!

    See this discussion as example.

  • thanks @EugeneZelenko it helped a lot.

  • I see the code is some mix of languages. What are you using? Python or Ruby?


  • hi @Matthias,
    I am using python for coding,
    I ran the following code -
    iter = layout.begin_shapes(C,c)
    while not iter.at_end():
    if iter.shape().is_polygon():
    polygon = iter.shape().polygon.transformed(iter.trans())
    print("In cell " + iter.cell().name + ": " + polygon.to_s())
  • Would you mind formatting the code properly? There is a "code" paragraph style in the editor for the comment. This is not readable, in particular not for Python.

    And what's the message? Do you see an error? Unexpected results?

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