Playing with the tool this is a take on the Chop/Cut Etc
Draw a box , Draw a path, select the box then the path , run the script.
Plan is to make this where you select the box then draw the path
will automatically , tunnel through selected object.

# This script requires two selections # * the first selection is the "subject" # * the second selection (Shift + click on object) is the "mask" # The script will take all polygons from the subject and # separate it into parts inside and outside of the mask. # # TODO: # * as a side effect, the polygons are merged currently # (solution: pass them separately through the boolean operation) # The Above has been implemented #Modifications #Tracy Groller #2/10/21 #This Script is based on the Solution Matthias provided in January 2017 Klayout thread. # #Modifications have been made too allow any layer too be used for the "Mask" #Functionality is the same but you can use any "Dummy" layer as the "Mask" layer #Select your "Dummy" Layer for the "Mask" this can be a "Box", "Path", "Polygon" #Draw your "Dummy" layer over the selection then as above # * the first selection is the "subject" # * the second selection (Shift + click on object) is the "mask" #then run this "script" #Will add functionality for "Menu" later mw = RBA::Application::instance.main_window lv = mw.current_view || raise("No layout loaded") cv_index = nil layer = nil mask = RBA::Region::new subjects = RBA::Region::new shapes_to_delete = [] lv.each_object_selected do |obj| if obj.shape.is_box? || obj.shape.is_polygon? || obj.shape.is_path? poly = obj.shape.polygon.transformed(obj.trans) if obj.seq == 0 subjects += poly layer ||= obj.layer cv_index ||= obj.cv_index else mask += poly end shapes_to_delete << obj.shape end end layer || raise("No objects selected") mask.is_empty? && raise("No mask objects selection (second selection)") begin #Boolean Function here for Chop value = RBA::InputDialog::ask_item("Boolean Functions", "Select one:", [ "Inside", "Outside", "And", "Or"], 0 ) #puts(value) lv.transaction("Separate inside/outside of mask") inside = subjects & mask outside = subjects - mask if value == "Inside" lv.cellview(cv_index).cell.shapes(layer).insert(inside) elsif value == "Outside" lv.cellview(cv_index).cell.shapes(layer).insert(outside) elsif value == "And" lv.cellview(cv_index).cell.shapes(layer).insert(inside + outside) elsif value == "Or" lv.cellview(cv_index).cell.shapes(layer).insert(inside - outside) end shapes_to_delete.each do |s| s.delete end #outside.delete ensure lv.commit end


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