Fine-grain Qt 5 bindings

Hi, Matthias!

We encountered situation where KLayout was run on very bare-bone Linux installation without audio support (libpulse). Looks like QtMultimedia adds this dependency as well as dependencies for audio-codecs (just run ldd <install dir>/bin/klayout). I think will be good idea to introduce option to specify set of Qt libraries for bindings as well as provide pya/RBA function to check support for particular set of bindings, so dependencies could be reduced.


  • @EugeneZelenko I have added a corresponding option on the master branch.



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    Hi, Matthias!

    Thank you for quick fix!

    Is it possible to backport fix into 0.26 branch?

  • @EugeneZelenko The patch is quite heavy and likely to create conflicts. It was somewhat time consuming to test as it involves additional build runs. I'm already running 29 parallel continuous builds and my resources are limited. I'd prefer to focus on the master branch.


  • Hi, Matthias!

    Sure, these reasons are serious!

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