How can I get Tools->DRC menu populated as a function of technology?

I have setup several technologies. Each technology has a drc folder which is also visible with Tools->Manage technologies.
I can switch technologies, but none of the drc script are visible under Tools->DRC. I expect the technology specific scripts to be visible there.
My folder structure is:

What is the proposed way to get this to work?


  • This should basically work. I just confirmed that it does.

    Two things to check: maybe base path of your technologies is not set properly. If not, the DRC scripts will not be found. Check if they can be seen in the Macro Development IDE. And DRC scripts are listed according to the technology present in the current layout (which is shown in the bottom right corner). This is not necessarily the technology selected in the tool bar (this will be one used when loading or creating new layouts).

    Here is a video showing this on a demo layout with two technologies:


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