Determine objects under mouse cursor in self created plugin?

Hi all,
I have created my own plugin like described in the example from the PluginFactory class manual.
In the mouse_moved_event of this plugin I want update the statusline with info from the object(s) under the mouse cursor.
Is there a way to determine the objects under the mouse cursor?
Unfortunately each_object_selected_transient does not work.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards


  • The transient selection is handled by the default selection tool which is bypassed when you capture the mouse.

    You can use "top_cell.begin_shapes_rec_touching" with a small search box around the mouse. You'll need to repeat that for all layers and finally decide which object to show.

    But if you need to act only on the transient selection without capturing the mouse, this event may be your friend: LayoutView#on_transient_selection_changed


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