Is there a Python command to resolve arrays as done via the klayout Gui menu?


Klayout menu shown in the following figure allows the user to resolve arrays in order to modify one or more instances.

Is there any equivalent function in the Python API to be used within scripts?

Thank you.




  • Thank you @tagger5896.
    The issue is that all these actions could be done via Klayout Gui. I was asking if it is possible to do it within a python script.


  • Hi ahmedo,

    you may try : instance.explode()

    Signature: void explode

    Description: Explodes the instance array

    This method does nothing if the instance was not an array before. The instance object will point to the first instance of the array afterwards.

  • Hi @wishalpha

    Thank you very much for your help.

    The function explode() (instance.explode()) that you pointed me to allowed me to resolve an instance array to remove the instances inside an exclusion area.

    For information, this function makes all the instances of the array single (No more array).


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