Close small holes/gaps


Is there perhaps a tool/flow that would be able to close small gaps or holes within a layer?
For instance imagine two polygons next to each other, spaced by 0.01um. For instance one has a coordinate of 9.994um and the other 9.997um. After 'snapping' to grid of 10nm one will end up at 9.990, the other at 10.000um, with a gap of 10nm

We see that sometimes, due to rounding to the DB grid, the adjacent cells in an array of instances (not a single CellInstArray) can end up causing a tiny gap. Yes, we have a cell where the pitch is e.g. 2.9975um over hundreds of um.


  • If it is only in 1 cell, you can select all the shapes of a layer, size it by 0.0005 then size down by -0.0005 it will remove all holes and gaps smaller than 0.001µm = 1nm.
    If you need it for all layers and all cells, you can write a script based on the same operation.

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