Save layer appearance as config? Stipple, color etc

Hi! Is there a way to save my layer apperance as a config? I setup the stipple, color etc. just the way I like and I want to reuse it across different layout files


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    You could use File | Save/Load Layer Properties commands. Alternatively you could generate session file in your application and load it with -u command-line option or via File | Restore Session command in KLayout.

  • @EugeneZelenko Thanks for providing this answer.

    I should add that you can set up "technologies" to switch between your favorite setups or install your best one as the default in File/Setup, Application/Layer Properties page.


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    Awesome, thx! I'll try them out.

    I was wondering what the technologies feature is used for ;)

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    I'm having some issues setting the default layer properties file under technology. It's sensitive to the file path, e.g. if I move .lyp file to desktop it load properly, but doesn't load properly when it's located under my preferred onedrive folder. Are certain characters not allowed?

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    @SBKev I'm not using onedrive for myself. What does a onedrive path look like?

    One additional comment: the idea is to store all related information in the technology folder (which is given by the "base path"). In this case, you can use relative paths for the .lyp and all other files. If you do so, you can package a technology by archiving the technology folder.


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