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Hi, how to draw a box with certain dimensions, say 10 µm x 20 µm.
The only way I figured out is to rely on snapping to the grid.
What if I'd like to change the size of the box?
I tried to select the box, and then: edit -> selection -> {scale, size shapes}.
Size changes but I don't know what exactly happens.

Please give me some hints how to explicitly specify the dimensions (x and y in µm) of boxes and other objects.
The current way of changing the size by relative operations is not convenient.

Thanks. Hal.


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    Hi Hal,

    just select the box and choose "Edit/Properties" or double-click on the box. A dialog will appear that allows to specify the exact locations of the corners. To specify an certain width or height you'll need to calculate the right coordinate from the left one plus height. Similar for the height.

    Right now, width and height are not editable directly but I'll take that as a suggestion for the next release.

    Best regards,


  • halhal
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    Thank you Matthias, that worked.
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