display density values of window tiles


I am using the version 0.27.0 now and I am very impressed how easy a local density check can be defined now via "with_density".
Is it possible to display somehow the density values of the window tiles in the marker database browser?

I am just displaying the marked windows with the "output" call but it would be very helpful to see the real value for the tile window.
Does anybody know if it is possible? Or maybe via some label markers?

Thanks you


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    Hi all,

    I got something to work but the result could be better. For each violation I will get one category in the browser. Would be nice when I could bundle them again.

    chip_frame = input(0,0)
    metal = input(1,0)
    max_density = metal.with_density(0.8 .. 1.0, tile_size(200.um), tile_step(100.um), tile_boundary(chip_frame))  
    max_density.raw.inside(chip_frame).raw.each do |tile|
      tmp = polygon_layer
      density = tmp.and(metal).area/tile.area*100.00
      tmp.output("metal local max density " +  '%.2f' %  density + "%")

    Does anybody has a better idea?

  • @Grandement The DRC feature was implemented to provide an easy density check. For getting the actual density data, you can use a separate script like the one from this discussion: https://www.klayout.de/forum/discussion/comment/6759#Comment_6759

    The basic idea is to collect the density data inside an Image object (actually a 2d map of float values). This object can be saved to a KLayout specific format or the pixel values can be accessed from a script and processed in other ways. Images can also be displayed as overlays which is a convenient feature I have been using myself.


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