Trace All Nets function

Hi Matthias,

I have tried the Trace All Nets function in 0.27.1, Works like a charm like everything else with klayout ;).
Wanted to know if there is a way to Name the net in the layout, run trace All nets and then we can click on each named net to highlight the connectivity with code or GUI.. Anything is welcome.

Best regards


  • @rambir Thank you for this nice feedback :)

    The usual way of naming a net is to place a label (a text object). If you include for example a layer called metal1, you can place labels on this layer. These labels will be used to derive a net name.

    You can also place labels on a different layer. Then you need to include this layer into the connectivity as well.


  • Hi Matthias,

    Thank you again, I will check it soon and will request for advice if there are further questions.

    Best Regards

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