Assign different color palette for different datatypes

Hi Matthias,

From the Setup, I see that we can only select colors which cycle through different layer numbers but for datatypes the only option is for having different stipple patterns. Is there a way to assign different colors to layers with same layernum but different datatypes? I tried to look into the config file dumped under ~/.klayout as well but could not figure it out.



  • Hi, Acku!

    You could generate session file and load in KLayout. See similar discussion.

  • @ackusingh Right now, there is no special palette for the datatype number (stipple is cycled though)

    There are many potential coloring schemes - but I think that in reality people would create a setup (layer properties file) according to their needs and use that one. As Eugene pointed out, you can save a session or you can also use technologies to provide specific setups.

    I think it's basically possible to extend the coloring scheme to datatypes such that both layers and datatypes trigger color cycling as an option. So far however I have not received a corresponding request.


  • Hi Eugene, Matthias,
    Thanks a lot for the prompt feedback and providing the solution.
    Usually I work with multiple layouts and different technologies/foundries so layer properties file is generally not available at hand. I just wanted to create a generic config/layer_properties file to load at startup by default. I'll go through the discussion Eugene pointed at and will see how I can make it default for all layouts loaded.
    Many thanks.


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