Ruler label font size?

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Hi Matthias,

Is there any way to alter the font size (and even halo radius) for label rulers? A colleague has pointed out that when the layout gets detail-rich, with lots of edges at a similar scale to the font, then the labels can be tricky to read. Bigger labels or bigger halo should help...

Cheers, Brendan.


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    Hi Brendan,

    I personally try to use a color that contrasts well with the layout color, i.e. a bright cyan or something similar.

    But I received different requests as well for making the font size variable, because with a high screen resolution the letters become really small. So that request makes sense in a different way as well.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Matthias,
    You are right, I got a new PC and the ruler figures become hard to read if I don't my second screen...
    Hope to see it in next release, although you may have other priorities.
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    Hi Laurent,

    Please use File/Setup -> Display/General/Default Font Size and set it to "Medium" or "Large" to get bigger fonts for rulers.


  • I forgot to revisit and say thank you Matthias. Thank you!

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