.jb file


In addition to these file types, do you consider adding .jb file type in the future? .jb file is the chip making format.


  • @Weiling_Zheng .jb is the MEBES jobdeck format. It's used by mask makers and combines a variety of MEBES pattern.

    Actually MEBES isn't truely supported because that is protected IP. Same for MEBES jobdeck format. You'll notice that MEBES is supported in Windows releases but there is no source code on Linux. Reason is that protected IP cannot be open sourced. As the same is true for jobdeck files if at all this will only be possible as closed source.

    There are semi-open standards such as MALY or OASIS.MASK which I would rather like to implement. However, to my knowledge, these standards have not received much attention in the industry.

    Another basic problem with these highly specialized formats is the availability of test data. I doubt there are open sourced mask data files. The lack of test data makes implementation a tedious adventure.


  • @Matthias,

    Thank you very much for your respond. I found there is .01 file which can be open with klayout. I don't know which format .01 file belongs to. .jb file sems to have some difference from .01 file, it have some adjustment in cell name, it also has some position deviation.

    (There is a screenshot from other sofware which open those two format files. The two color represent two format (.jb and .01) in one window)

    I am sorry, but I can not provide the original mask data(.jb file). I can provide a .01file which has a few information. I don't know whether it will help as I only remain several structures. But the file format (.01 and .meb) cannot be upload,so I change it to .txt file, it can also be open with klayout.

  • @Weiling_Zheng I assume .01 is the MEBES pattern file. .jb is a text composing multiple MEBES pattern files into mask writer data for a single or multiple blanks. Former ETEC e-beam mask writers used that format to control the hardware for a writer job. Hence the name "job deck". Today, a jobdeck is used in a sense of a pattern composition layer. Multiple MEBES pattern are positioned in some x/y coordinate system and manipulated in ways resembling the capabilities of the e-beam writer (reverse writing, shrink, mirroring). That's weird legacy stuff, but still that format is quite a common basis for mask data exchange.

    In your case I assume the .jb file is positioning the single pattern in a displaced fashion, hence the .01 and .jb files render different images.


  • @Matthias,
    Thank you for your explanation. I understand.
    Best regards!

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