Cell list does not appear

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Hello, I'm using KLayout in Win7 64 bit. I have used it before successfully but I am now not able to see the list of cells in order to choose the cell I want to view. Toggling 'View/Cells' has no effect. I thought it might be a config option buried somewhere, but I couldn't identify a config file. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the config seems to be the same. Is there an obvious config option I can fix, or is there a location of a config file that I can delete other than the KLayout install folder in order to solve the issue?

Thanks for your help. Jon


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    Hi Jon,

    maybe you have minimized your cell list by collapsing the resizable section at the left. Try to find the splitter (the mouse will turn into a arrow symbol when you are over it) and drag the section open by moving the splitter to the left.

    If that does not help, you could delete the configuration file in your home directory. It's called ".layviewrc". That should restore the default settings.

    Best regards,


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