DRC: measuring angle of seperated polygons

I am doing DRC and I am running into a problem when I want to check the angle between two polygons. There are also a load of copies of this design throughout.
You can see the angle that I want to check in the image below in red. These are all in the same layer.



  • Hi Tristan,

    maybe that is possible somehow, but it's a little beyond the abilities of a DRC tool.

    Here is a proposal. It's based on the assumption that it's possible to identify the opening with a space check of 300nm space. It needs version 0.27.3 because this has "without_internal_angle":

    all = input(1, 0)
    skew = all.edges.without_angle(0).without_angle(90)
    skew.space(300.nm).without_internal_angle(45.0 .. 50.0).output(100, 0)


  • Hi Matthias,

    This works a treat, thanks a lot!


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