DRC: width error and reading .lyp files

I'm working on a DRC script and just have some questions.
Is there a way to integrate the foundry technologies (.lyp file) into the DRC script so that I don't have to actually have the gds open and click the technologies on the KLayout main screen. I also tried to use the source() function to specify which gds to run the DRC on but it has errors because there are multiple top cells.

As well as this, in doing a width check using
pad_width = layer.width(distance_min, projection)
I get this error shown but I'm not sure why there is an error from both sides at 90 degrees when it should be just looking straight across the pad.

Any help is welcome.
Thanks a lot.


  • @Tristian I'm afraid I don't understand the first question. It's possible to integrate DRC into a technology so you can run a technology-specific DRC, but you want the DRC to trigger a technology change?

    When you have multiple cells in a layout file, you need to tell "source" which cell to use:

    source("layout.gds", "CELL1")

    The width check should ignore 90 degree corners, specifically for "projection" metrics. I don't see any general issue in a small example I made myself, so could you please check if this isn't some other problem? Or if necessary, provide a testcase?



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