CentOS7 build-in python

Hello Matthias,
We use Red Hat 7 and Python3 (Python 2 is almost end of support).
With a new release it's really getting quite difficult to compile everything from scratch.
In case the per-compiled rpm would be using python 3 instead (similar to the centos8 release) we could link missing libraries with a path.
Would you consider to compile the Centos7 rpm using python3 ?

Best Regards,


  • @andyL Would you mind filing a ticket for the Python3 switch on GitHub (https://github.com/KLayout/klayout)?

    But I don't see that building from the sources is much more difficult with the new release. What are the problems you encounter specifically?


  • RH7 still supports qt4 but Python only pyqt5.
    Usually it works with the qmake from anaconda but now certain files (ld error) occur.
    It would be much easier to use the pre-compiled build and link additional libraries.
    We use a lot of customization for our devices and mask generation.
    And since python 2.7 is end of life anyway …

    Thanks for your support and great software Matthias I’ll file a ticket.

    Best regards,
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