Does anybody still use The Red Toolbox, especially the PCell array generator?

edited August 26 in Python scripting

Hi all,
I want to create a chip numbering and found the PCell array generator was developed already to realize that.

Installing the Toolbox and setting it up worked - as far as I can see it. Also, the PCell array generator dialog appears and the required *xlsx file is generated and read by the script.

It also seems, that the script is doing something and generating at least the PCells but I can't see the cells in my layout.

Making them as a top cell, I can see that there is also the content generated. But It can be seen only in top cell mode - not in the layout itself.

Unfortunately, it is also generated a script error I can't handle. Does anybody has a solution for that?

Or has anybody another solution apart from the Red Toolbox, mybe as a python script or something else?

Many thanks in advance...


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