Proposal for new ruler variation (Arc)

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Hi folks,

I have a proposal for a new ruler variation to measure the radius of an arc. The method, I think of, would be, to click three points on the curvature of an arc, which then produces an arc ruler, which shows the radius of this arc, maybe with a nice arrow pointing to the mid of the curvature. I already wanted to write a small ruby script myself, but currently I am totally overloaded with other work, so I simply throw my idea in the ring.

So please tell me, what you think about the idea and if you know some better or easier way of determing the radius of an arc in klayout, please tell me. Have a very nice time.


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    @floz Nice proposal, thanks.

    It will however not be easy to implement as rulers currently have a maximum number of two points. But basically it should be possible to extend annotations to three points as well.

    I have created a ticket for this request, but I can't promise a quick implementation:

    Arcs are not common in (usual) chip design, so curved features are not well supported as of now. I wonder if there is a broader interest here. Maybe others want to comment?



  • I confirmed that I have sometimes to follow some design rules with a defined radius ... that is double checked by my subcontractor ... this arc ruler definitly has some application !


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