How to select "inner holes" by Boolean Operation in DRC modes?

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How can I reach the above result?

The "inner holes" are the holes that contain no any other hole inside.
My KLayout version is 25.0.5

        L1 = input(1,0)

        L2 = L1.holes

        L3 ={|polygon|
            polygon.holes <= 1

        $tmp = L1
        while not ($tmp.holes & L1).holes.is_empty?
            $tmp = $tmp.holes & L1
        L4 = $tmp.holes

        L5 = L1.holes.select_not_overlapping(L1 -{|polygon| polygon.is_box?})

But L2, L3, L4 cannot reach the result I want.
I think I need exclude the L1 with no holes.
So, I come up with L5, but why it fail?
Is there any short Boolean operation could find all inner holes?



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    @intervalrain That's an interesting challenge :)

    There is no short boolean operation which does that. But I think this operation should do the job:

    l1wh = L1.with_holes(1, nil)
    inner_holes = (l1.holes - l1wh).without_holes(1, nil)


  • Thank you, Matthias.

    In Version 0.25.5,

    I could reach the result with

    `L1 = input(1,0)

    l1wh ={|polygon|polygon.holes==1}
    inner_holes = (L1.holes-l1wh).select{|polygon|polygon.holes==0}

    which is referring to your answer.

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    That's right. This is the equivalent code. But it's slower because the loop is going to be executed in the slow script interpreter.

    BTW: why the old KLayout version?

    I have noticed that the "(1, nil)" argument to "with(out)_holes" is redundant and not intuitive, so for 0.27.4 I will introduce a parameterless version of "with_holes" and "without_holes" which makes the expression even shorter:

    l1wh = L1.with_holes
    inner_holes = (L1.holes - l1wh).without_holes

    I do have a few more remarks:

    • Don't use with_holes and without_holes in tiled mode as tile cutting may remove the "holeness". However, deep mode will work.
    • For the layer names you should user lower-case names ("l1" instead of "L1") as Ruby (which is the basis of DRC scripts) regards all upper-case variables as constants and complains when you redefine them.



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