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How do I edit an instance of a cell in a second cell? I often instance a basic cell in several other cells. If I find that I have put one instance in the wrong place, how do I move it?

Also, if I want to delete an instance of a cell that is instanced in several other cells, how do I do it without globally deleting the instanced cell?


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    you can move an instance when it's shown as a box. Decrease the hierarchy level until the instance is shown as a box instead of the detailed view. Then you can pick the box as any other object and move/delete/rotate the instance.

    Regarding the second question: do you mean some "delete all instances of the cell" function? That would be possible but right now there is no such function. You can emulate that by first copying the cell whose instances you want to delete ("Copy Cell" from the cell tree context menu), then remove the cell and then paste the cell back ("Paste Cell"). That way the cell is not removed but the instances are.

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