Klayout build for Apple's M1 processor?

Hi Matthias -

are there any plans to provide Klayout build (dmg) for Apple's M1 processor?

(of there is very small demand, and low priority for that?).

Thank you,



  • Klayout x86 works just fine on M1 using Rosetta (besides the 2d view).

    The mac build scripts curtesy of Kazzz work on a M1 and Kazzz has a branch that has them updated for Monterey. But on M1 6 unit tests coredump and 10 other ones are failing. Matthias had a look a while back, but not enough time and access to M1 hardware to get to the bottom of the dumps and failures.

    The failing xml test might be related to qt 5.15.2, but qt provides 5.15.6 only to commercial clients and made qt 6.2 sufficiently different so that klayout 0.27.5 can't be build using it.

    So for the time being, use the x86 executables via Rosetta.

  • Apple is difficult to support for me as it development is bound to (expensive) Apple hardware. Travis used to offer continuous integration support for Apple, but they dropped their generous Open Source support. So there is little support I can give here.

    I'll try to continue my experiments on M1 instances available online. So far these have not been very encouraging and the tool chain did not feel quite stable. As @StefanThiede mentioned Qt6 is required. I started a port but this will take some time.


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