I have see if I change the value on GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION menu, for example selecting r180, to view a layout, and than I close klayout and reopen it to view a new layout, the value on this menu is always r180 and NOT r0.
Any gds file will be opened after that, will be viewed with 180 degree rotation.

Is it possible, setup by default r0 for any new section I want opened in klayout?

Thanks a lot in advance

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  • Hi Luciano,

    For the purpose of preparing special views there is another feature: layer view transformations (see here:

    You can attach arbitrary transformations (also shifts, rotation by any angle etc.) to layers or layer groups. I'm using that by creating a layer group (select all layers, select "Group" from the context menu). Then select the group node, chose "Select Source" and enter the transformation - e.g. "(r90)". This will rotate the whole view:

    These transformations are stored in .lyp files, so you can prepare your favourite view and store it there.

    You can even shift layers against others (group them differently) or create duplicates of layouts (multiple transformations).


  • Forgot to mention that you can still set the current view's transformation (not affecting new ones) with this one-liner script:

    RBA::LayoutView.current.set_config("global-trans", "r90")
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