Layer Stack definition with colon


I tried to setup a layer stack by using layer names instead of gds numbers as described in the help page. I have layer names with colons to specify the datatype.


13/0 -> metal1:drawing

But it is not possible to reference to layer names which includes a colon. Maybe this can be fixed in a new klayout version?
I tried escaping with backslash but I get an error (red input field).



  • Hello,

    Not sure what is allowed but I would stick to alphanumeric characters and the underscore character "_", the same as for variables in Ruby...



  • Yes that would be my workaround, too. I would just highlight it because it is not forbidden as layer name in the layer table. Maybe better to align it.
  • @Grandement You need to put quotes around non-trivial names

    Like here:

    The first line is layer/datatype, the second one your (invalid) case. The third line shows how to do it correctly and the forth line is a specification including both ways (layer/datatype has priority here).

    You will find more details here:


  • Hi @Matthias, many thanks. :)
    Have not thought about it to put it in quotes.
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