how to get lvs result after comparing

Hi Matthias,
I try to use lvs_data (there some guideline in help) to get data result from LVS compare but klayout(0.27.5) always show undefine method.
How can i get the result?

Thank you very much!



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    @dai lvs_data is a method of the Netter object, not a global function (although it should).

    I will enable it as a global function too for consistency. Until then you can access the LayoutVsSchematic object as a method of the default netter object using _netter.lvs_data (note the underscore).


  • Thank you very much, Matthias.
    I got the data.
    BTW, base on compare result i make some net same( use same_nets function). have any way to re-run compare? i tried to re-run and got the error notice like following picture


  • Hello @dai,

    Basically it should be possible to use "compare" multiple times. However I have not explicitly tested this case and there is a small issue which prevent this.

    You can work around the issue by setting the schematic netlist again before the second call of "compare".

    I have created a ticket for this problem:


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