Error : Expected ';' command terminator

Hello to all,

I'm new to KLayout and I created a first file that I saved in CIF.

When I open it the next day, I get the following error message:
Error : Expected ';' command terminator (line=74, cell=36 Zones)

After several searches on the net, I did not find anything. Is this problem familiar to you?

I opened the file with NotePad to check the line 74, the ';' is well present...

I tried to transcribe the text on KLayout without success.

Thanks in advance for your help,
I'm sure it's not a big deal,
but I don't know where to look.



  • @MM_cemes No, this problem isn't familiar to me.

    After I read your post I tried to fool KLayout and actually was able to reproduce the problem by using a layer or cell name that contains a blanks or brackets. Such names cannot (to my knowledge) be represented properly in CIF. Right now, KLayout does not attempt to normalize the names as of now.

    I have created a ticket for this issue:

    So far, you should use net or cell names with only letters or digits. Maybe someone knows how to represent other names correctly in CIF. If so, let me know.


  • @Matthias
    Thank you for your answer.

    and I apologize for answering so late,
    indeed I was able to locate the blank in the cell name, by removing it with the notepad, I was able to open the CIF again.

    Have a nice day

  • No worries. That reminded me of polishing the cell and layer names for CIF to avoid this problem.


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