Applying layer properties from technology

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I tried to play with Technologies and associated layer properties files. Is it possible to apply technology layer properties not to all cell views, but currently selected layout (as it should be done according to Layout Properties dialog, since technology is chosen for particular file), not to all cell views? Cell views in same panel could potentially use different technologies and number of such opened views may vary.


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    I don't know if this mode is really supported. If you observe a specific behaviour you think should be changed, please file an issue on GitHub:


  • Is there a way to set the layer properties for a session such that any new design loaded is displayed with the loaded layer properties?

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    Doh! I found it, File-->ReaderOptions-->Technology to be associated with layout.
    If the technology (.lyt) is managed properly and points to a technology specific layer properties file (.lyp), the layer properties are persistent when loading any new design file (.gds).
    To associate a layer properties file with a technology use
    Tools-->Manage Technologies-->{[myTechnology] V General-->{Layer Properties}}

    The next time you start K-Layout the [myTechnology] will be on the main banner under the (T)

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