First access to netlist take too much time

Hi @Matthias
I optimizing my LVS script. I saw a strange thing. It take much time(more than 2 minutes) for first i access to netlist(example: print a name of circuit from the netlist OR get circuit to a variable). please see following picture to more detail.

  • First trying "Time 2" - "Time 1" take around 2 minutes
  • Second trying "Time 3" - "Time 2" take around 2 minutes

There is any reason for this?

note: size of my GDS is 8MB

Thanks you.



  • hi @Matthias
    I tried run with smaller cell(1.2MB) it took around 30s to pass the command(top_cir = netlist.circuit_by_name(curCell)). I see it take time for "computing local cluster" and "computing hierarchical cluster"

    thanks you.

  • This is because on the first access, the actual extraction happens. This is not an immediate thing. There are some elaborate algorithms involved.


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