Generating a list of the coordinates of features

I need some support generating a list of the coordinates of features to verify the locations of my design. I add about 200 features to my GDS design, and then need to generate their coordinates (a list of x-y values) to provide to the supplier so that they can verify it on their fabricated parts. Typically, we double click on the object and read the coordinates, however for 200 points or more that would be tedious. How can I make this process automatic?


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    The solution heavily depends on the way you marked the coordinates. I can just guess what your way of doing that.

    In case you have a cell - e.g. called MARK... - and you like to know the centers of these cell instances, here is a custom query ("Edit/Search") to use:

    You can use "Export" to write this list of (micrometer-unit) coordinates to a file.

    For more details about the custom queries see here:


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