Issues with Hierarchy


I am a new Klayout user and trying to use the hierarchy feature of the software. The trouble is that I am unable to see my pattern for the new cell which should come from the reference cell. I have attached some screenshots, hope this provides a better idea of my issue.

Cell 1 is my reference with 3 boxes laid out diagonally (this is hidden in the screenshot attached because cell2 is on top). Cell 2 is a new cell onto which I would like to copy the same pattern.
My instance window looks strange as well, there is no 'apply'/'ok' button at the end.

Hope there is a solution out there, keen to learn what mistake I am making.


  • The "Editor Options" is a floating panel and changes are effective immediately. Usually it'd docked on the left side of the view.

    In your case you have selected the "Basic" Library which is not what you want. Change "Library" to "Local (no library)".

    "cell1" should also be highlighted in red indicating that it's not a valid cell name.

    But in general, you can also simply drag and drop "cell1" from the cell list into the view.


  • Thanks, Mattias for pointing the Library to Local. That helped!

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