pCell parameters with drop-down menu & conditional flags


I am very new at klayout anf python scripting but I have ideas about a junction model that I want to implement as a Pcell. Firstly I saw the discussion about creating a drop-down menu for a Pcell parameter shown below:


But I had started my cell with python before I saw the discussion. Thus the syntax is invalid. Is there any accurate solution for python because I tried many things and klayout kept crashing.

Secondly, I am trying to change the hidden and readonly flags of the parameters conditionally. To give examples from the Figure below, I want to change the readonly state of the “d” parameter when the “a” parameter is changed. Or I want to open hidden parameters when the box at the bottom is checked.

I am trying to do these changes in “def coerce_parameters_impl(self):” part. I think this is probably an easy process and the actual problem is my lack of knowledge. If this is a spamming question I am sorry for my unproffessional approach, but I have to ask after all this time that I wasted.

Best regards.


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    Hi @ykopur,

    Right now, you simply cannot change the UI dynamically.

    This means, you cannot make parameters hidden or disabled conditionally. "coerce_parameters_impl" is not a callback in the sense Virtuoso implements it. It is only concerned with parameter values and is also employed outside the UI. It does not have connection to UI features.

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