Detecting empty cells

I'm about to write a python script to search for and report cells with no data in them. Has anyone already done this?


  • Hi,

    It's quite simple to do using the method "is_empty":

    module MyMacro
      include RBA
      layout = Application.instance.main_window.current_view.active_cellview.layout
      empty_cell_count = 1
      layout.each_cell do |cell|
          if cell.is_empty 
             puts "#{empty_cell_count}:        Cell \"#{}\" is empty..."
             empty_cell_count += 1
          end # if
      end # each_cell
      if empty_cell_count == 1
        puts "No empty cells found..."
      end # if
    end # MyMacro



  • @dbeaster in addition to code presented please check the docs about Cell object:

    Despite that the example above is Ruby based, the Python version will be the same

    • get layout object
    • iterate over cells
    • check that cell is empty and do something if so
  • Thanks for this discussion.

    I personal prefer the definition of "emptiness" in a geometrical sense. I often use cell.bbox().is_empty() to check if a cell is empty.

    It's a matter of application I assume. A cell that calls empty child cells isn't empty in the sense of not having any objects, but empty in the sense being void of geometry. The bbox approach checks for emptiness in the geometrical sense. I find this definition more useful in many applications, but of course that is not necessarily true for others.


  • Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for the tip! Makes more sense to me as well. Should be cell.bbox().empty().



  • You're right. I can no longer edit the text above :(

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