PCell TypeList returns nil

Recently PCell with param TypeList entries have been returning nil for selections. To test this I created a new PCell. The only thing I changed (except for the default cell and lib names) was the addition of the following to the initialize section:

      #param(:item, TypeList,"Choose item", :choices=>[["choice1",0],["choice2",1],["choice3",2],["choice4",3]])
      @items = [["choice1",0],["choice2",1],["choice3",2],["choice4",3]]
      param(:item, TypeList,"Choose item", :choices=>@items)

The library installs but the are no PCell parameter entries at all. My previously coded PCells do have list items but, as I said the choices seem to return nil.


  • Hello,

    I tried to reproduce, but with little success. I changed the code of one PCell of mine to use a member variable for the item list instead of the item list directly. Still, the parameters are there and also the choices.

    Basically, it should not make a difference whether you give the items directly or from a member variable. I assume the problem is related to something else.

    Could you paste some full code that reproduces the problem?



  • Hi Mathias,
    This was my fault. I did not change all the instances of the module name which cause the issue.

  • Very good :) Thanks for letting me know.


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