invalid syntax on new laptop


It's a little bit strange that there comes out an error after I run the same python code on a new laptop.
The code is as below. It runs pretty well on my old laptop while it doesn't work on my new laptop.

input layer

idt = input(1,0)

Define width/space spec

space_spec = 0.35.micron
width_spec = 0.35.micron

min width/space checks,0)


space_result = input(100,0)
width_result = input(200,0)
space_result.sized(, acute_limit).output(100,0)
width_result.sized(, acute_limit).output(200,0)

The error message is:
C:/Users/my-windows-name/KLayout/pymacros/ invalid syntax

Am I missing any setting on my new laptop?

Thank you!


  • This is not Python. This is a DRC script. So I assume the script should go into the DRC section, not into "Python scripts".

    That is not related to your new hardware.


  • Thank you very much, Matthias! I must be too stupid to messed up ;)

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