Сhanging the parameters of several elements at once from my python library

I have a python library (Macros -> Macros Development) for layout elements. I created a layout with five (for example) elements from my library. Now I want to change the parameters of these elements at the same time, and not each element in turn. How can i do this?
Thanks for any help.


  • Sorry, I do not fully understand.

    What "elements" are you creating? Do you mean PCells? So you placed the PCell five times and now you want to change a parameter for all these instances at the same time?

    Just select all of them, open the properties (Edit/Properties), select "Change all" at the bottom and edit the parameters you want to change.


  • Thank you for the answer.
    Yes, I mean the Pcell element. When I select multiple elements and then edit>properties>change all I need to change the properties on each element individually and in turn (i.e. manually change the setting on each PСell tab the settings for each element in turn). For example, I have five elements. I select them by holding shift and then go to edit>properties. Then the property window of the object 1 of 5 opens for me. I change the parameter for the first of the five objects (in the attached screenshot this is the length of the taper) and check the box to change all, then I press the ok button. But in the end, only one element changes for which I manually changed the parameter.

  • I see, maybe that feature needs improvement ...

    Basically, changes are applied immediately. So when you change one item, and after that enable "change all" the change is already made.

    But if you first select "change all" and then make the change, it is applied to all selected elements.

    Is that comprehensible?


  • Thank you. It works.
    But it turns out that it doesn’t matter at what point in time I select "change all, it’s important to click on an empty field in the "Object Properties" window to remove the cursor from the parameter editing window, and then click ok.

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