Problems with undefined method

Hi all,

I am new to klayout, and am trying to improve my coding skills...
I wish to create a macro that would compute the surface of all selected objects.

However, whenever i use a function from the LayoutView class, I have a message saying me I use an undefined method :

You can see my code on the image, as well as the message I get. Could anyone help me understand my problem ?

Also, with the function on_selection_changed, can I switch from macro to the principal view and select an object with the selection tool ? It would really help me out if it worked.

Thanks in advance,



  • Hello,

    there is a worked-out sample doing what you look for here:


  • Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for your help.

    Regardless, can you explain why I would have the problem I show ? I fear I have difficulties understanding the functioning of the class system...


  • You're calling the methods on the classes, but they are methods you need to call on objects.

    So instead of

    ... = RBA::LayoutView::object_selection

    you probably want to say

    # gets the current LayoutView **object**
    layout_view = RBA::LayoutView::current
    ... = layout_view.object_selection 

    Classes and Objects are basic concepts in object oriented programming.


  • I finally understood it just yesterday while coding for another macro!

    It makes perfect sense, now that I know !

    Thanks a lot!

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