To Check the Flatten cells from the GDS

Dear Support Team /Users,
May I know how can we find the flattened cell in the design using the reference cell in the library, Meaning, we have the reference cells of the library and the cells used in the layout for the design, and few cells are flattened. we need to check if the reference library cells are flattened. May I have some lead to procced, how can we check in Klayout .
Kindly guide me



  • Sorry, I don't fully understand.

    So you want to check if certain cells are flat as compared to the same cells from a reference library. So they are still the same, but flat?

    Basically, the definition of flat is not having child cells (easy to check) and the definition of equivalence is that the shapes - as seen from the main cell - are the same. You can basically do an XOR (when interested in geometrical identity) or flatten the reference cell and do a shapewise comparison ("Diff tool").


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