"Edit > Layer > Copy Layer" issue?

Hi Matthias,

I noticed that the "Copy Layer" function is not working properly anymore in version 0.27.9. It was working fine in a previous version I was using (don't remember which one).

1) Open gds and lyp file:

2) Edit > Layer > Copy Layer (I want to copy layer 3/0 to layer 4/0):

If I remember well, in the previous version the "empty" layers did show up in the drop-down list and could be selected. As this is not the case anymore, I select "New Layer .."

3) When applying the copy, the layer is copied to layer "DUMMY 10/0" and not to layer 4/0:

Can you reproduce?

Note that if you do not load the lyp file it does work as intended...




  • Yes, I can reproduce the issue, but only if the layout contains layers not listed in the .lyp and the new layer isn't either.

    I have created a ticket: https://github.com/KLayout/klayout/issues/1144

    As a workaround it seems to work if you first create the new layer with "Layer/New" and then copy to it. For me it also seems to work if the target layer is already existing, regardless of whether it is shown in the list or not.

    Thanks for reporting the problem,


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