2.5D Viewer Feature Request(s)

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This is a great new feature (especially for the more complex stacked transistor architecture of the future), I would suggest to move it towards production level quality asap.
I have a whole list of requests, but the most important one (and probably fairly easy one to implement) is that it would be handy to have a refresh button on the 2.5D viewer, so that it syncs it up with the 2D layout viewer. Currently, to accomplish this, I have to close the the 2.5D viewer and restart it from the 2D window pulldown menu.
If there is a faster way already, pls let me know.


  • I'm not short of feature requests :)

    I'll check the options there are for the refresh button, but please don't rush me. You can use the master builds in between. There are too many topics ongoing that need finishing before I can consider the 0.28 version production ready.


  • The "reload" feature is already there:


  • understand about the number of request, no super rush, just giving you ideas...

    excellent! It is not in the latest released version, is it?

  • No, it's on the master branch, but not in 0.27.12 as the change to too extensive.

    I head for 0.28 release but there are still some things pending.


  • This 2.5D feature has great potential. Would it be possible to display a traced net in the 2.5D view? Visualizing a net going up and down several layers could be easier to follow with different perspectives, especially if you could remove certain layers to just see the highlight net.

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    You can basically export a net from the net tracer and show that in the 2.5d view.

    Here is the VDD net of the digital_pll block of the Caravel chip on Skywater 130:

    well, if you like that ... I personally think it is technically not quite useful. More of a visual thing, like this:


  • I couldn't find a way to do it in v12, but I'd like to be able to switch the ground grid displayed in the 2.5d viewer on or off (one could use the View -> Show Grid button for that purpose maybe)

  • done... is github this from now on the preferred way to communicate, instead of on the klayout discussion forum?

  • Thanks. I still prefer the forum, but github tickets are easier to track and they connect to code changes + releases, so in terms of implementation they are more useful.


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