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as the topic says, is there a possibility to invoke the fill function from a ruby script without the GUI form? The ideal case would be if I could directly call a function, give a layer and the tiling cell and then let it perform the same operation as the tool from the GUI. I searched a little bit but did not find such a thing.
If somebody has a hint that would be great!


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    Hi Matthes,

    right now, the fill tool is not available as a Ruby function, but I take that as a suggestion.



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    Thanks for your answer!
  • Hi Matthias,

    Sorry to revive such an old thread, but is there any planned support for this? I am investigating KLayout as a tool to script dummy filling designs. If the only way to use the fill utility is through manual input, that would be problematic. Is there a way to script filling out the GUI?


  • Update: I found that the fill utility is accessible from the scripting interface as Cell.fill_region(). I'm surprised it was hard to find, search results really didn't show anything.

  • Well, I need to say the search function isn't very smart. "fill_region" isn't cross referenced to "Fill Tool". And it's no full text search :(


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