cell selection feature

Is it possible to add a feature where in the cell panel, a cell can be selected, in either flat mode or hierarchical mode, by typing a name of a cell in a text box at the top of the panel ? Also, can it support wildcards where the first cell matching the wildcard is selected ?


  • There is such a feature already. Simply click into the cell list and start typing :)

    If you have bound keys to certain function, you may not want to trigger those. Hence you can type a slash ("/") to enter the search box.

    Wildcards can be used ("*", "?", "[A-Z]" etc.). There is a "cog wheel" button offering more options.

    BTW: there is a search feature for the layer list too.


  • Wow, that's great, thanks!

    Is there option that can be enabled to always show the search box at the top of the cell and layer panels (i.e. without having to type to trigger it to show up) ?

  • No, currently you have to type (I prefer "/").


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