Question about enclosing_check under Region class

Hello, Matthias

Good day, I wanna do an enclosing_check between two boxes, then print the shortest space in each side on console
or do something else.. but I not clearly get the method of it, so comes below silly code.. I am not sure it can be done by python
or not, could you give me some simple hints ? Thank you !

Region(A).enclosing_check(Region(B), 1000, True, Projection, 0, 0, 0, True,False,False,False)


  • Sorry, I posted this new discussion under " Verification " when reading some case,
    if so, there will be no topic categories to choose. Please help to re-align to " Python code " if possible, thanks..

  • No worries - discussion is moved.

    Regarding your question: the problem is that enclosing is not measuring. The goal is first of all to flag locations where a minimum condition is not met.

    However, the results of that operation is a so-called edge pair collection. The edge pairs consist of two edges flagging the involved edges. You can basically extract the distance from them. There is a related discussion about this topic here:


  • Hello Matthias,

    After trying, I found in Ruby:
    Region::Metrics Projection

    is equal to python

    it works ! I think it's time for me to study " Ruby " thanks~

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