building a deb package from the Klayout build on linux

Hi everyone,

I successfully built klayout from the source file under ubuntu. Now I would like to create a package file in order to distribute the custom built executable to other machines that has non of the dependencies.

What would be the optimum approach to build such distribution package and identify all the needed dependencies and files to be included?

Thanks in advance,



    Is probably what you are looking for ;)

    On another note:

    @Matthias would it be possible that we separate the python package from the main .deb (and probably rpm too)? I would suggest to separate them with python3-klayout, klayout (to follow the debian naming scheme and I think ubuntu uses that too). I am willing to make a PR if you think that might help.

  • Right now I'm not prepared for separate packages in terms of deployment, but this change makes sense at least for 0.28.

    But honestly, is there much use for the Python package at all now that PyPI got it's own klayout package?


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    Hi Matthias,

    Very fair point. To my knowledge there is nothing that would warrant having to ship the python package with the .deb. So I would vote for removing it from the python module then. Otherwise, it could impact virtual environments if they don't exclude system packages (can be configured for venv for example afaik).
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