Inter-section issue

Hi @Matthias
May I know how to find and fix pattern intersection issue?
as this sample case, I using Klayout to create a polygon as this one.
I can open it in Klayout, but I can't opening or edge into other tools.
Look like I make a pattern have intersection to make some issue in other software.
Do you have any idea or solution to fix / find it ?


  • Hi @jiunnweiyeh

    Basically, such polygons are valid ones in GDS, but some foundries or processing tools have trouble with these.

    Another problem is self-overlapping or short-segmented paths like these:

    DRC has a feature to find them:

    report("Discussion 2167")
    # finds all odd (self-intersecting, non-orientable) polygons and paths
    input(1, 0).odd_polygons.output("Odd polygons")

    To fix them, you can merge everything. For example in DRC:

    input(1, 0).merged.output(1, 0)

    However, that may be time consuming, flattens your layer (unless you use deep) mode and merges multiple polygons into one if they touch.


  • @Matthias
    Got it and Thanks.

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