How to cut/split/erase some of shpae but 2 resule pattern gap with 0um

Hi sir , in Klayout tools , can we setting erase with path but the path is 0um width only ?
as below shown, due to some result , I need split these pattern as 2 cells---left and right cell.
I knew klayout have a work function call "Erase" , it is almost what I want.
But I need to keep the totally size/length as original one.
Now , I can using a 0.001um path to do erase pattern , but I need to make some change by manual.
I knew what we can using "XOR" + "AND" function , do some flow to get same result.
But some times that will take mroe 30 mins.
So , what can I doe ?


  • Hello,

    there is a solution, but you will need to draw a helper shape on any other layer and you have to repeat it for every polygon you want to split.

    This is how you do it:

    reddish is the geometry you want to split, violet is the helper layer. The helper shape is drawn to cover the right half which is supposed to be separated from the left half:

    Then select first the polygon you want to split and then the helper shape. Then choose "Edit/Selection/Separate - First into Inside/Outside Others". The red shape will be split into parts inside and outside the violet one:

    You can do so with one polygon at a time and finally delete the helper shape.

    The advantage of this concept is that you can create more than two pieces and you can adjust the helper shape precisely. The disadvantage currently is that you can do this with one polygon at a time. I think however, the function can be made somewhat smarter.


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