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Hi Matthias,

Would it be possible to add a Load/Save option (to/from text file) in the Layer Stack pop-up window "Edit Technology"? This way you can quickly trace nets in the Default technology while switching between different designs without retyping the layer stack each time or setting up a technology for each of them.




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    Hi Thomas,

    the problem occurred to me as well. So rule #1 of successful software development applies: make the programmer feel the same pain as the users and you will get a premium product.

    In other words: a solution is in sight. The master branch (soon to come 0.28) will have the ability to define multiple stacks per technology (Technology stacks on the left side). Here: default (always there), STACK1, STACK2 and STACK3. Names can be changed but should be unique.

    If you like to try it (feedback welcome): a build for the current master branch can be downloaded here:


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