2.5D view on CentOS7 missing

I wanted to try out the option Tools->2.5D on a CentOS7 machine, but this option is missing (version 0.27.12). Is there a reason for this? The same version on a more recent Linux just works. Should I compile myself or is some dependency missing?


  • Yes, there is a reason. This happens when Qt does not include OpenGL.

    OpenGL is a pain. I'll leave it to others to figure out how to get it running. I have too little experience there.


  • Ok, thanks. I will not pursue this nice option then. Is it a runtime check or has the option been removed at compile time?

  • It's a runtime option.

    But that means your Qt is not built with OpenGL support. Maybe one can enable it somehow on CentOS (e.g. installing some packages) - on Ubuntu I have no trouble finding Qt with OpenGL.


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