Klayout crashes during debug

Recently the program has started crashing ( and closing with no report) when attempting to debug a ruby pcell script. The crash occurs when a break is inserted in the script, and then after execution halts at the breakpoint pressing stop button the program closes. Alternatively if the program has an error, pressing the debug button closes the program with no message. I tried reinstalling the latest version and removing any residual files from previous version but this did not help
Any help would be appreciated


  • There is a bug there which has been there for a long time, but for some reason the crash became popular recently ...

    I have recently fixed such a bug after a lengthy debug session, but this fix did not make it into 0.27.12. You can try the latest master builds from here: https://www.klayout.org/downloads/master/ (Disclaimer: these binaries are not signed).

    I'd be interested to get feedback if the problem is solved.

    Kind regards,


  • Very good :) Thanks for letting me know.


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