Deleting one instance of a cell in Editor


I have populated a wafer with hundreds of die and I would like to delete a few stragglers. If I go and do anything to these extra die (e.g., delete it or change a layer), this applies to the entirety of the map. So, if I delete the one die (by highlighting and deleting it), it will delete every single instance of it.

I fixed this by highlighting the entire wafer and making a cell out of it; however, the file is much too large now. I would prefer to delete these extra die without needing to make a new cell out of the entire wafer.

Any advice? I've tried flattening instances and other commands under the selection menu. Thank you.


  • Okay, figured it out. For future reference:

    You can change the hierarchy level on the bottom left of the editor until the instances are boxes, then you can delete specific ones without impacting others.

  • Very good.

    If the instances you want to delete are on top level, you can also use "View/Select Top Level Objects". In this mode, you only select instances rather than shapes inside instances.


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